All services listed below are available depending on the project requirements.

Any of the services can be availed of individually.

It is especially recommended to acquire our consultation for any site, open space, or private gardens to discuss & set out your needs.

Initial Consultation Elma Fenton

Initial Site Consultation

A site visit to meet and discuss requirements, aspirations and visions for your project.

Advise openly with recommendations while in the space getting a feel for the sense of place.

Following on with a written design proposal which includes a brief of client’s requirements, along with our proposed design work brief and costs of drawing works to scale.

site survey

The site/garden is surveyed for measurements, levels, terrain, aspect, views, existing trees and plants, along with a photographic review. Site analysis, indication of aspect, exposure, soil type and significant features all taken into consideration.

Water levels, drainage, inspection hatches, soakage areas and septic tanks also noted.

Note: In the case of a complex site layout the client will be advised and a surveyor can be recommended.

Design Concepts Elma Fenton

Design concepts

Design ideas and concepts explored and illustrated by images, plans and or sketches.

Concept plan worked out to scale. Drawing in progress illustrating to the client with ideas, outlooks, and spatial layout.

Option for photorealistic 3d visualisations.

Planning Permission

Planning permission and Further Information (FI) submission drawings and all the appropriate documentation provided as required with buildings projects by Local County Councils

Landscape Masterplan

A finalised scaled design drawing and spatial arrangement. May include 3D imaging, sketches and cross sections.

Indicates tree and shrubs and materials in a visual layout.

Planting Plan Elma Fenton

Planting Plan

Recommended site specific chosen planting, consideration given to final effect and seasonal interest.

As a horticulturist, I have a comprehensive knowledge of trees, hedges, shrubs, perennial, bulbs, wildflowers etc.

Plan schedule, which includes type, size and numbers at recommended spacing,

Planting schemes explored illustrated by plans and/or sketches.

Construction Detail

Specifications of materials recommended and quantities of details for paving, ponds, pergolas, decks, canopies, lighting, drainage, green roofs, swales, water gardens, ponds, water features, etc.


Prepare tender documents and building specifications.Specifications of all aspects of the plan set out or, if phased, elements.
Contract administration and liaise with preferred contractors.
Advise client and appraise tenders submitted.
Identify time schedule.
Site supervision and inspections of work, ensuring recognised techniques are being employed, competitive prices are being charged and that there are no pitfalls or omissions.
Snagging, final checks on the job, ensuring details specified have been adhered to.
Payments stages to contractors.

Sourcing Elma Fenton


The sourcing of appropriate trees and plants of all sizes including mature trees and hedges. Also paving types, stone, garden furniture, trellis, structures, sculptures, antiques and features.

Country Contemporary 7 Elma Fenton


Upon request, we can provide a comprehensive service that encompasses consultation visits as a follow-up that will identify areas that need maintenance and give advice on the continuing health and well-being of your garden.

Along with any additional requirements advised on as gardens evolve over time…