Bloom 2019 Show Garden

The “Yesterday” What If….. Garden

Elma Fenton's conceptual garden sketch

The ‘Yesterday’ What If….. Conceptual Garden is one that resonates with a deep fullness from the heart & musical sound &/or vibration. The Beatles era, All you need is LOVE association with the heart is a recurring theme in this film!!

The Birch tree resonate & vibrate outwards. Birch is also known as ‘tonewood’ for their exceptional tonal quality used in musical instruments.

The heart is the soul of the space, with accompanied sound tempo of BPM (Beats Per Minute) to the song Yesterday, the worlds most recorded song.

Birch is known as ‘tonewood’ for their exceptional tonal quality

This funky space is of resonance, repetition & reverberation.

The heart is made of synthetic grass in yellow, a colour associated with the film ‘Yesterday’ & the heart shape from the 60’s era with Beatles connotations.

The polycarbonate bright panels as well as floating umbrellas are to bring colour, shadow screens & to camouflage & screen the workings of the garden.

A disco ball for more exuberance, light reflection & dreaming.

Native Birch with an under layer of box balls, shrubs & ferns – a simple planting palette to concentrate the mind on the colour & significance of the garden

he clients aspired to a garden for entertaining and family dining. To cater for this a outdoor kitchen with a bespoke barbeque was installed.

The planting of formal trees softened the boundary walls and also created privacy. Other modern material used was the cedar fencing with stainless steel guides for training vines.

These components created a highly visual and low maintenance garden for our clients to enjoy.

Day 1 - Birch trees and the heart-shaped lawn edge is in!

Our garden is sponsored by Universal Pictures